Second chance for Christmas

I’ve been enjoying the series at church the last couple of weeks. It’s called “Second Chance Christmas” and it’s kind of about some folks in the Bible who were given a new lease on life and went on to be part of the lineage of Christ. People like Rahab, the prostitute, or Ruth, the widow, or King David when he lost his mind over Bathsheba. I love Old Testament stories and there are just so many good ones about God giving people second, third, fourth…chances to turn their lives around.

Today Greg talked about going from dysfunction to leaving a legacy with the story of David and Bathsheba. And I just couldn’t help thinking about these two little girls and Mikey. God has given them a second chance to have a family who will love them unconditionally, put their needs first, and guide them to become the people God wants them to be. God has taken them from dysfunction to a place where they will have a chance to leave a legacy. He’s breaking the cycle. And what is just so stinking cool is that He’s using us to help accomplish it. Mikey’s already gotten his second chance and these two little girls are going to get their second chance just in time for Christmas. So so cool!!

God is still at work, people. He’s not abandoned us. He’s not absent. He’s not powerless. He’s not apathetic. He is still orchestrating the lives of people everyday that they might have a new life.

5 thoughts on “Second chance for Christmas

  1. Very nicely said. 🙂 I’m so thankful for second chances and God’s amazing grace (and patience). I’m also so happy to witness how he is using your family to change the lives of these girls and Mikey. And your willing participation in what He’s doing.


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