We succumbed.

We are now the proud owners of a 2004 goldish bronzish Honda Odyssey. Yes, a minivan. We kind of had to. We looked at a Honda Pilot. It was cool. I wanted it. But it just really wouldn’t have worked out.

And here’s a short side trip about car buying. We went to the local Honda place with a $12,000 vehicle in mind. They didn’t have that vehicle and so we looked at a couple of others. By the time we left we were *almost* convinced to buy a vehicle that
A. was not the right vehicle for us at all
B. was WAY out of our budget.

But once we got home and got our heads back on straight we decided to stick with practical. And we got online and found a great deal. We had enough cash for a down payment because the van was such a great price. This allowed us to keep my Explorer for now until we can get it ready to sell and get what it’s actually worth instead of practically giving it away. And Phillip and I feel great about our purchase. We will hopefully be able to pay it off completely by the time the girls are adopted.

I think we’re going to totally trick it out with “Baby on Board” stickers and the family of Jesus fishes, and the stick figure family, including the pets, that so many clever folks put on the back of their vans. And maybe some spinners. That would be pretty sweet.

Oh and it’s got leather, power doors, and seat warmers. Don’t lust.

2 thoughts on “We succumbed.

  1. No need to lust – my 2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette Premier Extended Minivan has heated leather seats, power doors (do yours open from your key fab? — that is my FAVORITE feature of all!!!) and a DVD player. 😉

    Love the new ride!! And the picture of the kids sitting on the hood is adorable and I want some stick people too!!!

    And you need some fuzzy pink dice.


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