Tough day

Mikey had his 4 year check up this morning. He was okay after waiting about 30 minutes in the waiting room and another ten or so in the office. But after that, he was gone. Kicking, screaming, hitting, yelling… was bad. There was nothing I could do to stop him. Not in that little room. Any attempts I made to calm him down only escalated things even more. So I just let him scream. They probably got to us a little sooner anyway because of all of it.

He’s been having some pretty serious mood swings and tantrums lately. And I’m talking even before we knew about the girls. I don’t know what has sent him into a tail spin these days, but it’s gotten pretty hard. Add two little girls into the mix, and Mikey just seems a whole lot harder. Most of my time with Mikey before the girls was spent curbing his tantrums and keeping him from falling off the edge. I can’t do that as well now. And today, in that doctor’s office, it just all seemed like way more than I can handle.

And I was hoping that the PA we were seeing would offer some genuine help. Something we could try that would just take him down a notch or two. And she immediately suggested ADD medication. He’s four!!! HE’S FOUR!!!! I will exhaust every other possibility I can think of before I put my FOUR YEAR OLD on medication. Then…and only then will I consider it. He may need meds some day. But if we ever go that route, I will do so with a clear conscience knowing that I tried other things first. And don’t hear what I’m not saying. I’m not judging anyone whose child is on medication for ADD/ADHD. I know that some children are genuinely helped by that. But I do believe that the medical community is too quick to suggest that stuff before other avenues are explored.

So we are putting him on Omega 3 and Melissa Supreme, first of all. I’m going to be cutting way down on his sugar intake. And we’re going to be giving him (or at least offering him) lots more fresh fruits and vegetables. Our kids don’t eat a ton of junk. I don’t even buy chips and sodas typically. But they do eat more packaged and canned stuff than they should. And they eat their fair share of candy. But just hearing that doc suggest medicating him lit a fire under my butt.

I don’t want Mikey changed. I don’t expect to ever have a calm Mikey or a Mikey that obeys the first time you tell him something. I fully expect Mikey to be quirky and fidgety and temperamental his whole life. That is just part of what makes him who he is. I am totally fine with that. But what we need is just to calm his mood swings enough that we can make it through a day without 30 or more melt downs about insignificant stupid crap.

Phillip and I are meeting with Mikey’s pediatrician on Friday to talk about all of this stuff. I trust him. I hope he offers us some hope without medication.

One thought on “Tough day

  1. In my humble opinion you are doing the right thing. I have seen change/restriction in diet help others and I applaud you for exhausting all options before resorting to medication. Like you, I do not fault anyone who chooses medication. That is a very personal decision and every child is different. I will pray that that these efforts are fruitful for your family and especially Mikey, but know that if medication is what you decide in the end, you have done what is best for your family and for Mikey. I also pray for God to give you the strength to endure. Thank you for sharing your family so openly. I can only imagine how it helps others who might be going through similar situations and inspires them. I know it does me.


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