On January 9th Mikey turned four. Yes, I’m behind on blogging about that. I’m behind because we have four kids.


I can’t believe my baby is four. I can’t believe I have four babies. I can’t believe my four year old baby is a big brother times two. Four years ago he came to us. And oh how different and boring our lives would be today if he had not. Here are just a few highlights from Mikey’s 4th birthday party.


The cake was awesome!! If you need a cake, Karen McCown is your gal.

Hey Mikey, look at the camera. Oh, never mind. Whatever.

Mikey blew out the candles before I was ready to snap it. We did not sing the happy birthday song. He hates that song. Can’t say I blame him really. It is pretty lame if you think about it.

It looks like some little hand is trying to steal Mikey’s cake.

Mikey got lots of cool stuff from lots of cool people who love him to pieces. He’s a very lucky kid. And we are so lucky to have him!

Big Brother shirt!!! WHAT?! Still having a hard time getting used to the idea.

Mikey, just on the off chance that you read this some day…
I’ve tried many times to put into words how much we love you. But I just can’t find the words that really paint a picture of what I feel for you. I just love you so much it almost hurts. God has used you and will continue to use your life to work miracles in this family. My heart is bigger, fuller, stronger, and whole because of you. Never ever forget how completely loved you are by SO MANY! What an honor it is to be your mom. These last four years have been a blast. And if I am completely gray by the time you are a grown man, just know that you had a HUGE part in that.

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