Let’s talk about…


She has lived with us now for approximately three weeks. And we had a few visits with her before that. We officially met her on December 10th, six weeks ago.

And in that very short amount of time she is calling us Mommy and Daddy. She was doing that almost as soon as she met us. She is very willingly giving us both giant hugs. Sometimes she squeezes so hard I’m afraid she’s going to suffocate me. She very willingly gives me kisses. Not Phillip yet, but I think it’s because of his hairy face. But we’re not forcing it. She’ll give Daddy kisses when she’s ready. Yesterday she let Phillip kiss her arm. Progress.

She sings her entire alphabet and it’s the cutest thing. I need to record it, but knowing her she probably wouldn’t sing it if I tried to record her. She can count up to about twelve and then she starts making up gibberish “teen” sounding words.

She has a funny little dance that she does when there’s kid music playing. She kind of holds up her fists a little and just shakes her booty back and forth and bounces a little. I can’t really describe it, but I can close my eyes and see her doing it.

When I put her hair in a ponytail I like to twist her curls around my finger to make one single ponytail ringlet. It doesn’t stay like that of course, but I like to do it anyway.

She has the cutest little embarrassed smile. You can see her right dimple really well when she does this smile.

She LOVES her brothers and her sister. She is a very attentive big sister to Jade. She is warming up nicely to her new grandparents. She doesn’t like the dog, but she tolerates him. That’s pretty much how we all feel about poor Scott.

She tests me off and on all day long like any two year old would. I think she’s beginning to accept the fact that I’m in charge and she’s not. But we have had a few “coming to Jesus” meetings. And she has had to make a few trips to pick up Mikey from school without shoes on because when it comes time to leave, she refuses to let me put them on her. And then she whines because she doesn’t have shoes on. Silly child.

We’re slowly figuring out what she likes to eat. She’s got quite a belly on her so she’s obviously not missing many meals.

I can feel myself getting more and more attached to her. I know she’s quite attached to me already. Two year olds are turkeys in general and it is tough getting a child when they’re two. Sometimes I feel like I’m disciplining more than I’m playing and having fun. And to be honest, she and Mikey are double the trouble and stress. When either one of them are gone it makes things so much easier. But when I have them both together by myself I can tell that I might need to get on blood pressure medication.

But all in all, we’re finding our way. We’re learning her. She’s learning us. We’re building trust. She is handing the transition amazingly well. I think she’s handling it much better than Phillip and I are. She is so resilient and has been so very brave taking on this new life with us. And the more we get to know her, the more I’ll write about the things we know.

One thought on “Let’s talk about…

  1. Thanks for always sharing. I love your posts and I love to follow the joy and stress of your life. It makes you “you” and human. She’s one lucky girl along with her other sister and brothers.


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