I want to feed him his bottle

Mikey still calls the girls “he.” We correct him countless times a day. But he says “his” and “he” all the time when referring to either of the girls. So tonight Mikey asked to feed “Shade his bottle.” This is really the first time he’s wanted to hold her and feed her so I figured I’d let him try. She actually took four ounces from him, which is not too bad. She’s very easily distracted and I really didn’t think she would be okay with him holding her. But I was wrong.

Sweet sweet boy. Maybe there’s hope for him yet. He just needed a little baby in his life to help tame him.

Anyway, here’s Mikey feeding Shade his bottle.

At home with these three.

So just in case you’re not “in the know” about the girls, I’m not allowed to post picture of their faces until they are adopted. So that’s why there are all of these pictures of the backs of their heads. And I sometimes have to get a little creative. But I assure you, they are beautiful. I’m possibly not *technically* allowed to post these kinds of pictures of them online either, but I’m sort of an act now and ask for forgiveness later kind of person. Anyway, we went outside today for a little while and I grabbed my camera.

The kids ate snacks and played for a little while. Eventually we had to go inside because Brittany kept taking her shoe off, Mikey kept trying to run away, and Jade was crying because she wanted me to hold her fanny.

You might notice the spilled water on the porch. Mikey did that. You might notice that Mikey has a rascally look on his face and something behind his back. It’s a stick. And of course you’ll notice how he put his hand in front of the camera, which actually worked out because it covered enough of Brittany’s face for me to feel like I could get away with putting the picture on the blog.

Jade did not like the grass and really tried to keep at least one of her feet from being in it. She’s prissy. We need to toughen her up a little.

That’s my daddy!

We were at church for all three services this morning because Dedee and I did music with the preschoolers. I got Brittany out of her class in between the second and third service so she could eat something and hang out with me for a little while. We started to leave the worship center (?? what do you call that room ??) as the service began but instead I decided to go back in and sit close so she could see Phillip play guitar. I don’t think she had really seen him play. Maybe just in his office, but not with the band. She stood in the chair and pointed at him and said, “That’s my daddy” over and over again. And after that song was over I took her out and she was very upset. She wanted to to see more of her daddy. I think I might start taking her in the service long enough to hear the music before taking her to her class on Sundays. She loves music and I think seeing Phillip up on stage today playing guitar was huge for her.

The writing is on the wall.

I’ve been thinking about this post on and off all day. I knew what I wanted the title to be. But I just googled what this saying actually means and it means, “ability to foresee (not necessarily supernaturally) an inevitable decline and end” – wikpedia

And that doesn’t sound very nice. That’s not what I’m gong for here. But, you know what? I think it works.

Because it signifies an end to these girls being orphans.

Because they are a part of a forever family now.

Loved. Daughters. Wanted.

No longer in limbo waiting for a mommy and daddy. How ’bout that? Accepted. Lifted up.

Encouraged. Belonging.

Out with the old, in with the new.

These girls have a new life! With a new family! With new cute stuff on the walls to prove it!

And that reminds me of a Bible verse.

2 Corinthians 5:17
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Adoption is such a beautiful picture of how we too are adopted into the Father’s family through Jesus. The old life is gone. A new life has begun!

Like I need something else to do!!

Okay so seriously, a few friends and myself are going to try to blog some encouraging words to each other and whoever happens to read it. This blog is VERY new and I’m sure will undergo some changes, but I figured we might as well go ahead and let people know about it. I hope you’ll find some words of encouragement from four very real moms/wives/Christ followers/etc…


In the midst of the craziness,

I’m thankful that…

Jackson has more freckles on his face than I can count.

Phillip didn’t say “No.”

Jade goes down for a nap more easily than possibly any baby on the planet.

Mikey randomly tells me “I like you” several times a day. (We won’t talk about how many times a day he tells me that he does not like me.)

Brittany is such a helpful child.

My friends who email, text, or call just to see how I’m doing.

Scott eats almost all of the food that the children drop on the floor.

We have lots of room in this house.

My kids have amazing grandparents, including two new ones who’ve been added to the roster.

Phillip is willing to do hard things even though they’re hard.

Jackson is self-motivated, for the most part.

Mikey still lets me pick him up and hold him sometimes.

I have lots of storage in this house to hide most of the clutter.

Brittany likes to sit and watch me fix my hair and put makeup on.

Phillip works with other people’s kids all day so I can stay home with our kids all day.

We were able to afford a vehicle to hold everybody.

Jade is such a snugly baby.

I have the ability to take photos of my kids to help me remember this time.

This is beginning to feel normal.

Brittany loves to sing along with the songs she knows.

Jackson is old enough now that I can say “stupid” and “crap” around him and know that he will neither be shocked or say them himself. He just smiles a little.

Phillip is the man that I married.

I am crazy enough to think we could do this.

We forget Mikey is adopted 95% of the time.

God equips those he calls.

The tramp.

When three of my nieces were little they had a trampoline at their house in Utah. When I would go to visit I would jump with them. But I don’t remember them calling it a “trampoline.” They called it a “tramp.” And I was 6-9 years older than they were so it always struck me as funny when they asked me, “Jenny, do you want to go jump on the tramp?”

Anyway, I was just thinking about that when I was taking these photos. One of those nieces just had a baby. Time flies way too fast, people.