In the midst of the craziness,

I’m thankful that…

Jackson has more freckles on his face than I can count.

Phillip didn’t say “No.”

Jade goes down for a nap more easily than possibly any baby on the planet.

Mikey randomly tells me “I like you” several times a day. (We won’t talk about how many times a day he tells me that he does not like me.)

Brittany is such a helpful child.

My friends who email, text, or call just to see how I’m doing.

Scott eats almost all of the food that the children drop on the floor.

We have lots of room in this house.

My kids have amazing grandparents, including two new ones who’ve been added to the roster.

Phillip is willing to do hard things even though they’re hard.

Jackson is self-motivated, for the most part.

Mikey still lets me pick him up and hold him sometimes.

I have lots of storage in this house to hide most of the clutter.

Brittany likes to sit and watch me fix my hair and put makeup on.

Phillip works with other people’s kids all day so I can stay home with our kids all day.

We were able to afford a vehicle to hold everybody.

Jade is such a snugly baby.

I have the ability to take photos of my kids to help me remember this time.

This is beginning to feel normal.

Brittany loves to sing along with the songs she knows.

Jackson is old enough now that I can say “stupid” and “crap” around him and know that he will neither be shocked or say them himself. He just smiles a little.

Phillip is the man that I married.

I am crazy enough to think we could do this.

We forget Mikey is adopted 95% of the time.

God equips those he calls.

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