That’s my daddy!

We were at church for all three services this morning because Dedee and I did music with the preschoolers. I got Brittany out of her class in between the second and third service so she could eat something and hang out with me for a little while. We started to leave the worship center (?? what do you call that room ??) as the service began but instead I decided to go back in and sit close so she could see Phillip play guitar. I don’t think she had really seen him play. Maybe just in his office, but not with the band. She stood in the chair and pointed at him and said, “That’s my daddy” over and over again. And after that song was over I took her out and she was very upset. She wanted to to see more of her daddy. I think I might start taking her in the service long enough to hear the music before taking her to her class on Sundays. She loves music and I think seeing Phillip up on stage today playing guitar was huge for her.

6 thoughts on “That’s my daddy!

  1. Love love love! I have been taking Nick into the song service too because of his love for music. But how awesome that she is identifying with Phillip that way! God is so cool!!


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