At home with these three.

So just in case you’re not “in the know” about the girls, I’m not allowed to post picture of their faces until they are adopted. So that’s why there are all of these pictures of the backs of their heads. And I sometimes have to get a little creative. But I assure you, they are beautiful. I’m possibly not *technically* allowed to post these kinds of pictures of them online either, but I’m sort of an act now and ask for forgiveness later kind of person. Anyway, we went outside today for a little while and I grabbed my camera.

The kids ate snacks and played for a little while. Eventually we had to go inside because Brittany kept taking her shoe off, Mikey kept trying to run away, and Jade was crying because she wanted me to hold her fanny.

You might notice the spilled water on the porch. Mikey did that. You might notice that Mikey has a rascally look on his face and something behind his back. It’s a stick. And of course you’ll notice how he put his hand in front of the camera, which actually worked out because it covered enough of Brittany’s face for me to feel like I could get away with putting the picture on the blog.

Jade did not like the grass and really tried to keep at least one of her feet from being in it. She’s prissy. We need to toughen her up a little.

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