Since I can’t show you her face…

I’ll just show you some other cute stuff about her.

How do you like her hat? Mimi made it. She wanted to wear it all day.

Yeah, they still happen

Earlier today Jack and I were reading in Luke 9 about Jesus feeding the 5000 with the five loaves and 2 fish. I asked Jack how that was possible. He said he didn’t know. I told him it was a miracle. I asked him if miracles still happen today. Without pausing to think about it, he said “No” very matter of fact.

My kid is 8. He’s been raised in church. He doesn’t believe miracles still happen.

So I told him that what if there was a mom who had one baby, but then because of something wacky with her body, she couldn’t have anymore babies. And that same woman now has four kids. Would that be a miracle? He said “Yes, that would be a miracle.” I asked him if he knew what woman I could be talking about. I saw the light bulb moment as he said, “You?”

That’s right. Miracles still happen.

Then I told him to think about that same woman, the woman with the blood condition that she was born with, the same woman who got pregnant with four babies but they all died… I asked him what he thought about that one baby that she had first. The one who didn’t die.

Jackson said, “That’s a miracle.”

That’s right. Miracles still happen.

They happen every day.

Tonight’s ramblings…

Tonight I sat in the “purple chair” and held Brittany. I held her for about 10 minutes and sang to her. Except I didn’t just sing to her. She sang with me. We sang Robin in the Rain about 4 times. She loves that song. And Mr. Sun.

I’m ashamed to say that tonight is the first night I have sat in the chair in their room and held her like the baby that she actually is. I’ve been more concerned with her going to sleep “like a big girl” (…um, jenny, she’s 2!) than with taking a few minutes to sit and bond with her privately. But I’m figuring this out as we go. I need to cut myself some slack.

But anyway, I held my girl and kissed her forehead countless times and told her that I love her. She was so content in my arms. I hope she feels loved here. Her previous foster parents did such an amazing job with her, helping her know that she was loved. I hope she feels it here. And so, I will make an effort from this point on to sit with her in the chair in her room and sing with her before she goes to sleep. Because some things are just more important than “being a big girl.”

Lord, please forgive me for being concerned with things that just aren’t that important. Please help me to be who these girls need me to be. Please help me to be the mommy they deserve.

For Sale…finally

We finally have my truck ready to sell. We really didn’t even have all that much to do to it before we could list it, but getting anything done these days is a chore. Anyway, here are a few photos. It’s in really great shape and has pretty low mileage (87,000) considering it’s a 1998. We’ve listed it on autotrader for $4000. If you’re interested, let me know.