No, he didn’t!

The girls’ social worker came over this afternoon to visit and plant flowers with the kids. (Yes, I took pictures) We really like her and she is so great with the kids. You would think that’s how it would be with all CPS case workers, but believe me, it’s not! She is so different than any of the others we’ve worked with in the past.

And it’s a good thing.

Let me tell you why it’s a good thing. Because while Phillip and I were sitting on the back patio talking with her, Jack came outside to inform us that Brittany had crumbled crackers all over the floor inside. Okay, not a big deal. But then Jack proceeded to tell us right in front of the girls’ CPS worker that we should spank her. For real. He did. First of all, we aren’t allowed to spank the girls until they’re adopted. Phillip and I have joked that we’re going to spank Brittany right there in the courtroom as soon as the judge lowers that gavel. And secondly, who in the world does Jack think he is telling us when to spank the other kids?!?

Phillip and I handled ourselves well even though we were pretty much in shock that Jack said that. We assured the girls’ social worker that we do not spank Brittany, even though between you and me and whoever might be reading this, I think it would do her some good. Can I say that?? Anyway, thankfully Ms. G laughed it off and seemed pretty amused by the whole thing.

I should probably add that shortly before this I had to take Mikey inside and put him in time out for kicking Brittany. As I was taking him inside he said, “What are you going to do to me?!” She laughed that off too. But there are workers who wouldn’t have been amused by any of this stuff.

So once she was gone I had a little talk with Jackson. I told him that the next time he thought it was his place to tell us who needed to be spanked that he would be the one getting the spanking. And for the love of everything good and holy NEVER tell us to spank one of the girls in front of their CPS worker!!!

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