Our quirky turkey.

I just intended to put up an iphone pic from a tower that Mikey made tonight. Really, that’s all I was going to do. But as I began to upload that photo from my phone I decided to look through some of my other quirky Mikey photos. There are many. And I think there were many more photos on my phone that have gotten deleted. So, in no real date order, here are some crappy iphone pics that demonstrate some of Mikey’s quirky, creative, silly, crazy, weird things that he does pretty much every day. Some of these pics are sort of old, from when we lived in the old house.

And the photo that initiated this post in the first place…

First of all, he’s wearing a pull up because he was about to go to bed. He was working on this tower and he was almost done with it when I walked into the room. He was done except for the two little white diamonds at the top. He had one white one in his hand. He really wanted to use it, but he couldn’t figure out where to put it. I knew what he’d say before I suggested it, but I pointed to one of the sides and told him he could put it there. He said that he could only put it there if he had another one for the other side. We found another one a few feet away from the tower. He was very pleased to be able to put them both at the top, one on each side. I asked him if I could take a picture of him with his tower. He said I could just take one picture with him in it.

I got the girls on WIC a week or so ago. They can be on WIC until they’re adopted. Anyway, I brought home a DVD about the shopping choices and procedures to use when using your WIC card. It’s super cheesy and just painfully boring. Mikey discovered it yesterday or the day before. He has become somewhat obsessed with it. He wants to watch it a lot. He just sits glued to it like he’s amazed, and rocks. (He still rocks. I don’t know if he’ll ever outgrow it. We hardly even notice it anymore.) Anyway, I don’t get the WIC video thing at all. He made me sit and watch the whole thing with him this morning. He wouldn’t settle down until I did. He was just so excited to share this movie with me. I tried to act interested.

He is a strange bird. An odd little duck. A quirky turkey. And we wouldn’t change any of it. Well, we might turn his hyper down a notch or two…just maybe.

And just on the off chance that I’ve never actually written it on my blog before, I think Mikey is probably some sort of genius.

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