My wuff you.

Brittany tells me this many times a day. She has been taught to love, not by her birth mom and really not by us. She was taught to love by Mimi and Papa, who she spent over a year of her life with. And we’re so thankful that they took her from the little girl she was when she was placed with them and helped her be the affection, loving child that she is today.

She loves to be held and hugged. And when you sit by her, she wants to sit right next to you so that your body touches hers, or better yet, she’d really just like to be up in your lap. She loves to be kissed and carried around. Since she’s one of four kids, I find myself unable to simply sit next to her or carry her around as often as she would like. And she loves to be read to. Again, I wish I had more time. I think I have at least three kids who speak “quality time” as their love language.

And so over spring break I had a special outing with each one of the kids (except for Jade; she doesn’t count). I took Brittany to the local Sea Center and then to eat at Smithart’s. She had a blast and really enjoyed The Sea Center. She’s been back twice since then. Here are a few from her first trip there during spring break. I got some really cute ones that show her face. Someday….

Brittany, my wuff you too, kiddo. And I know that’s only going to grow and grow and grow.

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