So I cancelled it.

We got a referral to take take Mikey to a pediatric developmentalist, a psychiatrist actually, back a couple of months ago. We have been having a pretty tough time with him and I felt at my wits end. So we thought maybe we should seek out some additional help. But I’ve struggled with whether it’s really necessary or not. At this point, a “diagnosis” is of little importance to us. I’ve been advised that a diagnosis could help him in public school…or possibly hinder him. I think if I were in a room with a doctor and she started rattling off the things that are “wrong” with him, I might just want to punch her in the face. And as far as medication goes, I don’t think Phillip and I will choose that route right now even if it were advised.

So…given that and that we would have to pay full price for each visit until our deductible is met, and that they would probably want to see him twice a month, I decided to cancel it. Of course, we would pay it if we felt convinced that he needed to see a specialist right now. But we’re not convinced.

He’s been much happier lately. Just more accepting of his new life with sisters. He’s been making better choices and he’s just generally been easier to handle lately. He still has meltdowns, but they are becoming less often and he is full of joy much more than he was even a month ago. We may come to the point where we revisit whether or not to take him to a specialist and/or look into medications that calm him down some. But for now, I think we’re just going to embrace his crazy and just try to make the most of it.

Because as challenging as Mikey can be, he is an awesome kid! I’m exhausted and bewildered by him pretty much daily, but I love everything about him.

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