I forgot to tell you

I forgot to tell you that Phillip is a superhero. I think I remembered to tell him, but just in case I forgot that too, he’ll know now.

Because on Saturday, when I was at a shoot getting to ride on a really cool boat and take pictures of a kid wakeboarding, Phillip was at home with the three little kids. And while that part of it alone does sort of make him almost superheroish, what is truly incredible is that he decided to cook gumbo while he was at home with the three little kids. And as he began the process of making the roux (yes, he makes the roux) he realized we were out of flour. And so instead of deciding he would just have to make the gumbo after I got home, he instead loaded up the three little kids (4,3, and 1) and took them to the store to get flour. And since it would be a wasted trip to just go to the store for flour, he got a few other things that we needed as well.

And so when I got home from this really fun shoot Phillip and I got to eat gumbo for lunch. I was totally shocked when he told me that he took them to the store. I haven’t been brave enough to do it yet myself. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around the logistics of doing it.

And so because of this day and so many other days, Phillip it totally a superhero in my book.

And he’s cute too. See? BTW…our friend, Amanda Reich, took our family photos on Sunday and they are so great! This is one of my favorites.

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