Someone should

Someone should clean my office.
Someone should get rid of a bunch of crap from my computer.
Someone should figure out the perfect way to arrange photos of our family in our house.
Someone should finish up the last couple of photo orders that I need to do.
Someone should order homeschool curriculum for next year.
Someone should take the cat to the vet. He’s too skinny.
Someone should make an appointment for the girls to go to the dentist, even though I really don’t think they need to go to the dentist, but we’re supposed to take them anyway. Because we have nothing better to do.
Someone should stop eating late at night.
Someone should clean out the van.
Someone should probably shave my legs.
Someone should stop wasting time and get her butt off the computer.
Someone should go to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour. (midnight…is that reasonable?)

I guess that someone is me. Guess I better get on this stuff, starting with the last one. Goodnight, folks.

One thought on “Someone should

  1. We all have a “Some One Should” List. Here is to all of us doing it! (Or finding someone who will would be even better!) LOL


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