The littlest one….

The littlest one, also affectionately known as “Fart Head.”

So I haven’t really given an update on Jade lately. Can I just be honest and say that it’s hard to feel motivated to post about the girls without being able to put up pictures of them too?? I guess that’s weird. I just feel like if I talk about a certain kid, you need to see a face to go along with it. Anyway, hopefully in another 3-4 months they’ll be adopted and I can post as many pictures of their faces as I want to.

So Jade is about 15 month old now. She weighs right at 18 pounds. She is…I don’t know how long because I had to give that paperwork to one of their social workers and I forgot her length. She is waving “bye bye” signing “more” when she feels like it, and signing “all done” when she feels like it. She says “Dada” and I think she’s trying to say “Scott” who is the family dog. She is babbling a lot more and making some pretty interesting sounds these days. She has…let’s see…about 6 or so teeth and is cutting about four more. And because of the four she’s cutting, she’s been in a pretty foul mood lately. She’s been pretty whiny and I have a hard time knowing how to respond to that. I don’t want her to think she can whine her way into getting what she wants, but given her history, I hate to just ignore her demands either.

Parenting is hard!!

Anyway, I’m hoping once these teeth cut through, she’ll be more happy about her life.

She has started taking about 4-6 ish steps, but really prefers to either crawl on her hands and knees or just walk on her knees. She flies through the house walking on her knees. It’s the funniest thing. It’s like she just glides across the floor on her knees. She’s getting callouses on her knees. She’ll even crawl on concrete without long pants on. (Insert photo example)

She is very cuddly and loves to be held. And more often than not, her whining is just because she wants someone to carry her around. And as much as I would like to, I kind of have a lot of other stuff going on. I can’t just carry her all the time. A few times a day I have to make myself sit down on the floor in the living room so she can crawl all over me. She gets so excited when I sit on the floor because she knows she can get to me on her level. I need to make an effort to do that more.

Okay, so random question… and we may or may not heed your suggestions. Do you think it would be weird to change Jade’s name when we adopt her? That name…Jade…is so not us. It’s a name we would never have chosen. We really aren’t crazy about it. We already know that we are changing her middle name for sure. Cuz it’s just weird. We’re considering using Jade as her new middle name and giving her a new first name. But we’re unsure if that would just be too confusing for her and the other kids and everyone else involved in our lives. I talked briefly with the judge today who will be doing the adoption and she didn’t think it would be a big deal at all to change her name. Anyway, just wondering if any of you had any thoughts you’d like to share on that. We changed Mikey’s entire name when we adopted him. And as the beginning of my post states, I call Jade “Fart Head” or “Farty” more than anything else. Mature, I know.

2 thoughts on “The littlest one….

  1. I’m thinking like Jennifer, would want to start using it now – sooner the better if possible. Fart Head doesn’t really cut it.


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