I know I post about Mikey a lot. I post about him more than the other kids. I know. He’s not my favorite. He’s just kind of…the most interesting right now. It’s probably a phase.

Anyway, Mikey has known his right from his left for about a year now. Most three year olds (a year ago) do not know their right from their left. Mikey does. Since he was little bitty I would tell him which foot I was putting his socks and shoes on so he would learn him right from his left. However, he will almost always say it wrong just to be difficult. He not only knows his right from his left, but he has the ability to say it backwards on purpose almost every time without missing a beat. How do I know that he’s not just confused? Because I just know. He has a certain grin when he’s being contrary. Only lately has he been willing to say it correctly because a couple of months ago I got tired of him saying it wrong. I told him that we weren’t going to talk about right or left anymore until he was willing to say it the right way.

He also knows lots of shapes and how many sides they have. I know that he knows, but he will tell you the wrong number almost every time just to be difficult.

He knows every letter in the alphabet. When he’s feeling cooperative he’ll tell you what they are when you ask. When he’s feeling rascally he’ll tell you that they all are P’s.

Most kids have this desire to perform for the adults in their lives. Like show them how much they know. Mikey doesn’t give a rip. He never has. Just like when he was a toddler, he didn’t do animal sounds on command with any regularity. It wasn’t because he didn’t know what sounds certain animals make. He just wasn’t going to stoop to that level of entertainment. Like if you seriously didn’t know what a cow says then he was not going to waste his time telling you.

So anyway, I don’t really know how well this attribute is going to work out for him as he progresses in school and in life. Hopefully he’ll begin to realize that being right is more fun than being wrong.

2 thoughts on “Contrarian.

  1. When Micah was little… about Kindergarten age… he knew all the Star Wars characters & their intricate relationships, he knew all the Transformers, Superheros & Bionicles but I could not get him to say the letters of the alphabet properly. As we would do flash cards he would repeatedly call an “b'” anything but & so it went with all his letters. When he tested to go into Rosehill, the admissions director was so concerned because he didn’t correctly identify his letters. She didn’t know what to do so she went and talked to Mrs. Baker who was the original teacher at RCS and is just this wonderful Momma-Bear type woman who was to be Micah’s Kindergarten teacher…if he could get his alphabet together. She had Micah come play in her room and she observed him. At some point she asked him, “Micah, what’s this letter?” (r) To which Micah confidently replied, “T!” Mrs Baker exclaimed, “Oh Micah, that letter is not a T. Micah that letter has a name and it wants to be called by it’s name. What’s your name?” He replied, “Micah.” She asked, “Do you want to be called by your name or should we call you by somebody else’s name?” ” I want to be called Micah.” he replied. “Micah, just like you have a name that you want to be called by, so does that letter. Micah, what is that letter’s name?” she asked. “R ” he sheepishly replied. And that was the end of not knowing his alphabet! šŸ™‚


  2. Not to say the Mikey has the same problems as Walker had as a child and still has as an adult, but he said his Dr. during bio feed back said that it is not that they don’t know, it is just that is not where their interest is. Is the Micah above Mikey? That story is just like stories Walker has told me about himself. Mind you, they did not figure out what was wrong with Walker till late teens and he did great in school and college when it interested him. Mikey will be fine with supportive parents like you and Phillip. It is humorous and I am sure at times frustrating, but you have a very smart boy on your hands who is not willing to fall into the “mainstream” of what others do.


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