Come together.

I like it when plans come together. When things just sort of seem to work out. And I REALLY love when they come together pretty last minute just as beautifully as if they had been planned weeks out. I’ve learned over the years that I work better under pressure.

Tomorrow evening, in celebration of his 9th birthday, Jack will have four boys over to spend the night. They will go on a clue scavenger hunt all over our little town. They will go to seven different locations made up of the homes of close friends and family and they’ll also go to a local fire house. There are four not-so-clever rhyming clues and three picture clues. They will race, stack, eat, shoot, balance, bump, shimmy, run, and who knows what else their way through these clues. And thanks to some very last minute scheduling and willing grandparents, the three little kids will be out of the house from about noon on Friday until the afternoon on Saturday. And that means that we can play a loud game of flashlight tag in the house once it’s good and dark. The boys can stay up late and be loud and we won’t have to worry about waking up any little kids.

It’s all coming together. Friends and family coming together to do something special for a boy. A boy who is now 9.

And now I really need to go to bed because I have a very busy day ahead of me tomorrow.

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