A call to be better.

Mikey can be a better person than we’ve allowed him to be. I know that he can.

We will no longer walk on egg shells. We will no longer change plans because of him. We will no longer ask his opinion and value it more than the other kids’ opinions. We will no longer sacrifice every other whim of the people who live in this house to make Mikey happy. I’m done making Mikey happy. I have absolutely had it with his fits and manipulation and constant disobedience. The inequality between him and the other kids is embarrassing.

He CAN be a better person than we’ve allowed him to be. And it is our responsibility to make him step up and be better. I’m SO DONE with letting him run the show. I officially don’t give a rip if he’s happy or not. Because to keep him happy constantly is a job that nobody in this world can do. He has to learn to be happy even when things aren’t going his way.

I’m done being a slave to his wants. What shows he wants to watch. What foods he’s willing to eat. What music he wants to listen to and how loud. Where he is willing to go and where he’s not.

He does not have any level of disability that should require us to consider every word or action and how it will affect Mikey. And I’m so exhausted from trying to preemptively prevent him from falling off the edge of the planet. And I’m exhausted by his desire to be in charge.

So there you have it. I’m done. And if you’re around us much, just expect me to a mean drill sergeant type person when Mikey is around. He doesn’t respond to nice. I wish he did. Maybe over time he’ll realize that I mean business.

I love him and I know he can be better. But he won’t unless we make him.

2 thoughts on “A call to be better.

  1. You hang in there Jenny…you can do it! We will be praying for God to give you strength and wisdom. I’m sure when it was just Mikey and Jackson, it was much easier to try to keep Mikey happy by doing all of the above–but when you add 2 more kids to the mix and you now have a family of 6—it just probably made it more apparent that it just won’t work to continue doing it his way! Like you say, it’s not fair to the other members of the family. He is old enough now to start learning how to control his own happiness! It will be hard, but I know with God’s help, you can do it!


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