Adoption subsidy.

So we’ve found out here and there after we agreed to take the girls that they will be receiving some great benefits after their adoption because they are a sibling group. They will have state tuition covered, Medicaid, a nice tax credit, adoption expenses paid, and a monthly monetary subsidy until they are 18.

So my obvious question has become… Can Mikey receive the same benefits? He’s part of the sibling group. Hello… we have the girls now because of him. I got an initial “no” from one of the powers that be, but I’m in the process of finding other people to check with. Because if we can get Mikey, who might struggle academically, state college tuition paid, then you better believe I’m going to exhaust every option to get it.

And just in case there’s a tacky person out there who might say that it’s all about the money. It’s so not! You don’t take on more kids (noses, butts, baths, poop, puke, hair, toenails, laundry, screaming, etc..etc…) for the money. There is no amount of money really that makes that stuff worth it. You do it for love. But if I can give my kid(s) an edge in life because of the disadvantage that they were born into, then I will take it. It seems to me that Mikey should be given the same advantages that the girls have been given.

So anyway, it may totally be a dead end with a final “No!” at the end. But if you’re the praying type, please pray that we will get the right answers, not the convenient answers. Because I sort of feel that the first “no” was said without a full understanding of our situation or the law.

Don’t give me these kids and then not expect me to advocate for them.

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