Help John and Carson get home.

This family was in the process of adopting a special needs boy with a rare and often fatal skin condition from Eastern Europe. Then they found out that he has a brother with the same condition and they have decided to adopt him too. Siblings belong together after all…right? Anyway, they could be getting their court date soon. They could be traveling to get get their boys soon. And they still do not have the funds to fully cover the adoptions. But they know that God is bigger than the $15,000-25,000 they have left to gather. Here is their family blog. If you would like to give to help bring their boys home, that link is in the upper left of their blog.

And here is another blog post from a different blog that tells some more details about these boys with a link to give. If everyone who hears this story just gives a little it can make a big dent in what they still owe. We gave a little, not a lot. And we could probably give more. What can you give?

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