It’s only two weeks.

For the next two weeks we’re taking Mikey off of all dairy and fruit juice. That’s right, grandparents, no fruit juice. For two weeks. We can handle it. And also NO sugary snacks. It’s only for two weeks. No ice cream, cheese, cream cheese, milk, yogurt for two weeks.

It’s only two weeks.

Why am I doing this? Because I was reading about ADD and ADHD and *many* kids with ADD and ADHD symptoms do better once you remove dairy and fruit juices from their diet. I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe it might slow him down some. I’m hoping it might cause the rocking to lessen. I’m hoping maybe he’ll stop clearning his throat every ten seconds. I’m hoping it might help with the stuttering. And I’m also hoping that he might stop singing the same Christmas song over and over and over again.

It’s only two weeks.

Unless we see noticeable improvement in his behaviors. And then it could be permanent. But for now, let’s just start with two weeks and see what happens. Deal?

3 thoughts on “It’s only two weeks.

  1. OMG I just lost my entire comment. Ugh.
    Okay, take two.


    And you know what? In cutting out alot of the sugary snacks, you will cut out alot of artificial dye as well. Just another positive of what you’re diving into!

    When we did Abi’s elimination diet it worked well for (us) me to just stock on and focus on what she could eat rather than what she couldnt. Helped me keep my sanity and set a good foundation for us to continue since Abis stuck b/c wow, the difference — WOW. I should show you a video of her “on dye” but you can imagine.

    I hope you get results with Mikeys diet!!

    My kids thinking drinking water from the bottle is just way. too. cool. I don’t know if Mikey responds to this kind of thing, but if he does, and bottled water is on your list, you could make him cool labels for HIS bottles (think printed, cut and taped in place of the other kroger/ozarka label) or his name or stickers!

    You didn’t ask for advice — but we are “special diet” people so there you go.


  2. We make sure to have special things for Abi to eat/drink when situations arise (always lol) b/c it can be very “isolating” to be the only one not getting this, or that, or the other.

    So I spend the $4.99 for her fruit snacks, and print labels for her bottles of water, and indulge her in things I may not get the other kids, b/c she cant just have any snack, or ice cream, drink, or birthday cake.

    And we have, in a big way, had the rest of the family go dye free once we got into it b/c we found brands and products that were dye free and everyone will eat it/them.

    5 years in, sometimes we’re still surprised and make mistakes — like with Abi’s allergy med we tried was purple, I totally spaced on that and after a week of getting the purple pill 2X per day…. oy. Bad news.


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