I got a call a few minutes ago from the girls’ CPS social worker, who is awesome by the way. Anyway, they had court today and finally got the termination stuff done for Jade. Brittany came to us legally free for adoption, but Jade wasn’t yet. And we knew we wanted to adopt them both together even though technically we could adopt Brittany before Jade.

But now she’s free!! Free of the past. Free of the junk she was born into. Free to be forever a Hintze like her sister and her brother.

So we now have to wait 90 days until adoption day. That will put us adopting the girls some time in September. And now we’ve got lots of stuff to do before then. Like various subsidy paperwork stuff, lawyer stuff, and I think we have to get both girls evaluated by a developmental pediatrician.

When we adopted Mikey we were surrounded by so many friends and family. It was just amazing. People took off work, some friends took their kids out of school, and our church office even closed down because so many of the staff were going to be there. And I suspect we will have lots of people at the girls’ adoption too. It will be a cool day.

The 90 day countdown has begun!

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