On Tuesday we went on a bug hunt with some of our other Camp Fidgety friends. My friend Jennie started a day camp for special needs kids and their siblings.

Jack and I had a little conversation about that. He asked who the special needs kid in our family is. I told him that Mikey is our “special needs child” and his official diagnosis is Pain in the Butt. But really in all seriousness, Mikey has really been keeping it together MUCH better these days.

First the kids learned about bugs that are safe to touch and bugs that aren’t.

Then they got to play with ladybugs. Mikey thought it was great. Brittany, on the other hand, acted like she was dying. I didn’t have much pity for the dear girl.

And then they got to eat giant ants, which apparently taste kind of like bacon. Kind of reminds me of those Beggin’ Strips dog treats that “taste like bacon.” Pass, thank you very much. But Jackson succomb to peer pressure and tried one. The kid who can barely swallow mashed potatoes ate a giant toasted ant. I think Mikey might have tried it too, but he’s allergic to ants. I’m not really sure what eating one would do to him and I didn’t care to find out.

And then they hunted for various kinds of bugs. Mikey had a good time until he lost his cricket. Then he joined his sister in the drama department while my right eyelid twitched a little.

I didn’t really take any blog appropriate, non-identifying photos of Brittany. Besides, if I had, she would have just been crying or bending over looking at her feet making sure there were no ants or other bugs on them. Now that I know that she’s terrified of bugs, we’ll have to start working to remedy that. (Insert maniacal laughter here.) Bless her little heart.

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