So, there’s this building.

There’s a building in town that I drive by several times a week. It’s vacant. It’s been vacant for years. It may be falling to the ground for all I know, but it’s got GREAT light. Every time I see it I wonder about it. For months I’ve been thinking about this old building. Is it for sale? For lease? How much is it? Is it total crap inside? Would renting/buying a building help my business or eat every bit of money I bring in and then some?

And so every time I see it, I just keep driving. I never stop to inquire or write down a phone number.

Being in business for yourself is risky. And I really haven’t taken very many risks. And I know that one of these days I’ll have to step up my business or it will never grow bigger than it is now.

So anyway, there’s this building that I’ll continue to drive past several times a week and wonder… When? How much? Can I do it? How? Would it be crazy? Is crazy all bad?

One thought on “So, there’s this building.

  1. I’ve been thinking about your building since first reading this post. Where is said building? I wonder whether TWO crazy risk-taking businesswomen might make a go of it?

    I have a building in Angleton I’ve had to stop looking at and dreaming about. It’s far too big, far too dilapidated, far too expensive to salvage and maintain, far too likely to cause my husband to divorce me, and far too beautiful and potential-laden to forget about.


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