When I see a car with a collection of stuffed animals either on the dashboard or in the back window I don’t think it’s cute. I think it’s weird and I imagine that they have lots of cats at home and maybe lots of cat t-shirts and dog and cat knick knacks. I also imagine that they have lot of stuffed animals on their bed.

I am proud (?) to announce that I heard a Justin Beiber song today for the first time at Zumba. I won’t be adding any of his songs to my itunes library any time soon.

Mikey and Jade are the dancin’est things you might ever see. Some day those two are going to be freaking hilarious on the dance floor.

I’ve decided that I really want Jack and myself to go to Singapore next summer. I just have to save the money and make sure Phillip can survive with the other three kids for about 10 days or so. We really need to go see our friends and once they’re gone, we’ll probably never have a reason to visit Singapore again. And it would be so great for Jack (and me). Phillip can survive.

The older three kids are going to evening VBS this week. That means like 5 date nights in a row. Jade is pretty much no trouble. Not when you’re used to dealing with four. One kid is really easy. Who was the crazy person who decided we needed more? Oh wait. That was me.

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