Adoption is…

Adoption is…
a leap of faith.

Adoption is not…
only for people who can’t conceive.
just for the “super spiritual” (trust me!!)

Could you open your arms to a child you didn’t give birth to? Could you love wholeheartedly a child who does not share your DNA? Do you think you would be doing a disservice to your biological children? Are you afraid of “baggage?” After all, don’t we all have baggage? Do you think God isn’t calling you to do it? Are we not all called to help orphans?

Do you have any idea of the impact that could be made on the foster care system in Texas…or in Brazoria County if more people would go through the super easy classes to become a licensed foster home? How huge would it be if only 50 Christ following families in Brazoria County would open their homes to orphaned kids? It could be so huge. I know the fears. I’ve felt them. Heck, I feel them every day with my own kids.

If we can adopt three kids, I promise you anyone can do it. And oh my goodness, what a crazy adventure it has been and will be. These three kids of mine were born into nothing. Nothing except the arms of a loving God who knew their whole life before they were ever conceived. And he, for some crazy reason, chose me and Phillip to be their parents. He chose Jackson to be their brother. He chose our parents to be their grandparents. He chose our church to be the church they would grow up in.

I promise, long about September or October, there will be LOTS of pictures of the girls’ faces on here. We’re ready for their adoption to be final. But until then you’ll just see the backs of their blonde little heads.

These photos by Amanda Reich.

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering and/or adopting through the foster care system, here is a link to the agency we’re licensed through. The Arrow Project Getting licensed is surprisingly easy. It’s the whole having lots of kids part of it that’s hard. But it really is worth it.

2 thoughts on “Adoption is…

  1. Yes I would totally adopt. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 5 years. It’s all me, his swimmers are great, my body on the other hand does not work properly and has problems. We are trying fertility, but another option for sure is adoption. This makes me love my husband much more for the fact that he comes from a family where they are all about blood. (i guess you can say typical hispanics) But he wants us to become parents and he said whatever way we choose we will be their parents. He doesn’t care if they are blood or not. They will be ours and that is all that matters, and whoever doesn’t except it doesn’t deserve to be in our lives. I am, however, scared that when they are older that they want to meet their real parents and I will be hurt that I didn’t do something right, but I know that it is just something they have or want to do. It takes a big person to adopt kids and I love these people (you guys) because there are a lot of children that are being abused or killed and can be in the hands of ones that can love them unconditionally (us) and provide them with what they need and want. Congrats to you. :0)


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