What’s in a name?

From the moment we heard that our baby girl’s name was Jade we kind of wrinkled our noses at it. We’ve gotten used to it, but we still aren’t crazy about it. We’ve been kicking around the idea of changing it, but hadn’t officially made that decision. But today we met with the attorney and we had to decide on her name. We didn’t know we’d have to do that today. So after a short pause and a look of surprise, Phillip and I just looked at each other and shrugged and said “Katie Jade Hintze.” We don’t feel like we can ditch the name Jade completely because she’s used to it and everyone else is used to it too. But I think calling her Katie Jade will ease the transition. And I like the way it sounds together. As silly as it sounds, she already feels a little more “mine” just because we were able to name her ourselves.

Mikey is upset because now he wants us to change his name to Katie too. And Brittany is just having so much fun calling Katie Jade by her soon-to-be full name. And Brittany is also enjoying putting Hintze on the end of her name too. I don’t think the little ones really understand what adoption even is, but Mikey and Brittany think its fun to get new names.

And just in case you’re wondering, we’re looking at about mid September to do the adoption. But I’ve got at least one good friend that will be in Bolivia until the 18th so I’m going to try to wait until she’s back home. I’m hoping for either Sept. 19th or 23rd. I would like to do it on a Monday or Friday if possible just in case out of town family members come.

And not to turn a happy situation into a sad one, but I couldn’t help but think of Evan today. We had to choose his middle name unexpectedly too without much discussion. Just took me back for a few second. But that’s okay. I need to be taken back to him sometimes. He is one of our babies too.

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