Mikey has made a decision…

Mikey has finally made the decision to stop rocking. Some of you are confused. But those of you who have spent any time with Mikey are not confused. The child started rocking as soon as he learned to sit. He has rocked in his car seat, on the couch, in his chair at school, against the wall… He has rocked his whole life.

He does it when he’s anxious. He does it when he’s bored. Overwhelmed. Irritated. Excited. He does it a lot. He does it so hard sometimes at red lights that I think people must be wondering what’s going on in my van.

And just like that, yesterday he decided to stop. I’ve been encouraging him to try to stop for a while. I’ve told him it’s weird. I’ve told him that other people don’t do that. I’ve told him he’s old enough to control it. I’ve told him it gets the back of his hair all tangled and then it’s hard to brush it.

He has rocked his whole life. And now he’s done. And he has told us to remind him when he’s doing it so he can stop. He actually told Phillip “Thanks” earlier today for bringing it to his attention. Phillip and I are flabbergasted. That child can do anything that he makes the decision to do. I know he’s only gone about two days, but this is a big deal.

5 thoughts on “Mikey has made a decision…

  1. Just yesterday I was looking at a video of Brady and he was rocking. I immediately told Debbie, “we have another rocker”. Now we are back down to one. I think I will miss the rocking too. It was just such a part of Mikey. But good for him. He sure is growing up.


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