Confession: I sometimes give little kids disapproving looks if they’re misbehaving in public.


That’s terrible, I know. BUT…you should try it. But the key is doing it so that the kid sees you but the parents don’t. Because I promise if you do it right, the kid stops fussing almost every time. But parents will get their panties all in a wad if they see you do it. At least I think they would. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten caught. I think a grandma saw me once but she let it go.

So this is what you do. You have to be quick about it. You just have to flash a little furrowed brow sort of glare thing super quick at the kid. You have to mean it. They can tell if you don’t. And it totally catches them off guard and they feel embarrassed and maybe a little worried. And they stop fussing and they look at you like you’re the boogie man.

Do I do it because I’m shocked that a kid would do such a thing? Do I do it because I think my kids are better and would never? Do I do it becuase I don’t like kids? Um…no. I do it because I know as a parent how hard it is to be in public with a kid who’s freaking out. I really do it for the parents. But I still don’t want them to know.

Except that now I’m putting in on my blog for everyone to read. Don’t judge me. I really love kids.

2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. This may explain why I have such a hard time making friends with other parents. I had NO idea you weren’t supposed to give other kids “the look.”


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