Out of the mouths of moms

Okay, haven’t done this in a while.

It’s just rain. It’s not acid. It won’t kill you.

No Mikey, you are not a girl. I’m not going to make you a dress. You would make a very scary and unattractive woman when you grow up.

It’s cool. You can eat that pizza off the floor. Remember, you cleaned the floors the other day.

Do you want to listen to U2 or Greg & Steve?

If you tell me there’s a spider in the car ONE MORE TIME, I might bite you myself!

And my personal favorite which displays my complete competence as a mother…

Well, take it away from her! Goodness, she’s just a baby!

One thought on “Out of the mouths of moms

  1. Do you turn on your tape recorder when you feel one of these comments coming on? Or do you keep a little notebook handy and write them down as soon as you hear them coming out of your mouth? Either way, AWESOME.


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