Goodbye, Mom.

I post lots of stuff about Mikey of facebook. I post about him way more than our other kids. I know I do this. I know some people might think I like him more or whatever. That’s really not it. It’s just that almost everything that comes out of his mouth is something worth sharing.

But this was so funny that it deserved a blog post of its own. At least it was that funny in person. And maybe a little troubling.

Mikey got very angry at me because I popped a balloon that he got yesterday at a church carnival. He had the balloon for one day. That was long enough. I couldn’t handle it anymore. Sue me. I gave him the “opportunity” to pop it himself and he declined.

Anyway, he was livid. He griped and ranted and all that stuff. Whatever. I just ignored him and went about my business. The less attention I paid to him, the madder he got. (Envision this next part…)

Then the yelling stopped. He grabbed a hair spray squirt bottle that was on the kitchen counter, pointed it at me, and with a blank stare he said, “Goodbye, Mom.”

Jack and I just fell out laughing, which made him even more angry. Did he really think he was going to kill me with hairspray?! If so, should I be concerned? Maybe so, but it was so so funny. It was pee your pants funny.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mom.

  1. I hate to break it to ya, but just by looking at your category cloud, it looks like Mikey gets the lion’s share of posts here, too. Not your favorite, my foot. Pshh. hehe.


  2. When he and I watched The Wizard of Oz, the wicked witch melted away when water was put on her. Just a thought. Or maybe he was trying to show how quickly something could be gone, like his balloon. I prefer to think though, that he just did it ’cause he thought it was clever.


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