This morning.

This morning we were running late for my oh so important Zumba class at the Rec Center. I HATE being late for anything, even something that is really not a big deal. Proof that I’m still a two kid parent trying to parent four kids.

Anyway, we were late and I was rushing the kids inside. Since I have to hold Katie Jade and my water and keys, I usually give Brittany and Mikey each a 2 lb. weight to hold for me. Right before we got to the front Mikey tripped because he didn’t want Brittany to get ahead of him. He barely scraped his knee and screamed like he was dying. Once he finally got up we got to the front door where I opened the door not realizing that Brittany was too close to the door. The bottom of the door ate her toes and got them mangled and bloody. Then she cried like she was dying and refused to walk.

So I walked in the Rec Center with a girl on each hip, one of which was screaming with bloody toes, and Mikey, who was limping and still screaming. I’m sure we were a sight. Poor things. I really feel bad about mangling Brittany’s already wonky little toes.

Tomorrow we’ll try it all again. I think I’ll try to leave about five minutes earlier in the morning. Wish me luck.

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