She almost never wants to go play outside with Mikey, but once they’re out there together they play and talk and have lots of fun together.

She climbs all over people she doesn’t know just because her brother is doing it.

She has learned to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and now is perfectly happy to eat that at every meal.

She often says “It’s in my wedgie” instead of “I have a wedgie.”

She still doesn’t want Phillip to kiss her because of his beard. She actually gave him a quick peck on the lips the other night and got grossed out and said, “It got in my mouth!” We’re guessing “it” was the beard. It was pretty funny.

She is pretty good at hugging and loving a toy that she wants right out of Katie Jade’s hands without her even noticing what has happened.

She still tries to boss the boys around even though they in no way do what she tells them to.

She always wants to give me a hug and a kiss before I leave her somewhere.

She starts five day preschool soon. She’ll do great and she will love it. Mikey says he’s going to miss her.

She ends lots of her sentences in “…so…” As in, “I want a drink, so…” or “I need to go potty, so…” I don’t know exactly know why she’s started doing this. It kind of reminds me of the Kristin Wiig “Penlope” skits. This isn’t embedding right. Whatever. There’s probably an ad you have to watch before the skit starts.

She will very soon be Brittany Danielle Hintze.

She has a beautiful dimpled face that we’ll be able to show very soon.

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