Micah starts Pre-K

Today Mikey started Pre-K. I put shorts on him that were too big. They fell off of him all day. He was so excited to go and get to wear his new shoes and shirt and too big shorts and wear his new empty backpack. He let me take some pictures of him before we left and after we got to the school.

I went to the wrong part of the school to drop him off. I didn’t know this school has three different places to drop off/pick up. So while I was waiting at the wrong place I got Mikey out briefly to take a few pictures and ask where we should be. At one point I left the van running with the girls inside and closed the door. The van locked.

After a few minutes of Brittany crying and freaking out she managed to unlock her door. But in that window Mikey gladly went with a perfect stranger to his class. He had no need for me to walk him in. That’s just how he is most of the time.

After school I got in the kinder/pre-k line to pick him up. I saw his class and others walk out and sit in a line on the curb, inches from where the cars drive to pick up the kids. In the line I saw Mikey sitting cross legged. I saw the cars pulling up inches from him. I saw that even though there were 6-8 adults out there, none had their eyes directly on my child ready to grab him.

My chest got tight and I my stomach felt weird. My heart started to race. I started to panic a little. I had to look away. I felt like I needed to immediately get out and go get him before he jumped up and ran in front of a car faster than a teacher could stop him. But I didn’t and he didn’t. But as I pulled up extra slow to where he was sitting he jumped up, just like I knew he would, and started to dart in front of my van. Two teachers grabbed the back of his shirt.

His unpredictability to me is so predictable. I hope his teacher realizes quickly he has to be watched very carefully around cars. I think I’ll mention it tomorrow at drop off.

What he had to say about his first day is that they had hamburgers for lunch with chicken on them, that his shorts kept falling off, that he was the best kid in the class, that his teacher loves him, and that he wants to go every day. Oh and that they were going to have a drink and a snack in the classroom, but the teacher forgot. I told him that she had a lot to try to remember on the first day.

I really believe he’s going to have a great year. I’m so unbelievably proud of how far he’s come. He is such an awesome kid.

3 thoughts on “Micah starts Pre-K

  1. We are proud of him too! So glad he had a great day and that he loves it. He is such a special boy and we can’t imagine life without him.


  2. Adorable pictures of him on his first day. I’m looking forward to seeing some of Brittany next week on her first day (but don’t lock Katie Jade in the car!) Do they still have the little magnetic boxes you can stick under the car with an extra key?


  3. Ms. Tiller is the best teacher ever!!!! My daughter had her for kindergarten. She is so patient and understanding. I don’t think there could have been a better teacher for Mikey to start his school year with šŸ™‚


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