She wanted a mommy and daddy

Brittany wanted a mommy and a daddy so bad. Mimi told me that. Mimi and Poppa are the amazing and loving couple who fostered Brittany (and Katie) until they found us. Mimi and Poppa love her dearly, but they weren’t her mommy and daddy. Brittany tried to call them that. Because that’s what little kids do with their caregivers sometimes.

Imagine how it was for her. Learning to talk and not having anyone to call “Mommy.” Watching shows about and reading books about kids who have mommies and daddies. Being in mother’s day out, but having no mother. Maybe remembering a time when you think you had a mommy, but not really knowing where she is or if you even want to be with her.

And then one day Phillip and I showed up at her house. We showed a great deal of interest in her. We played with her and read to her. And she was ready, almost from the first day we met, to call us Mommy and Daddy. Strangers that she didn’t know. She was so desperate for a mommy and daddy.

How do kids do that? How do they love like that? How do they trust like that? Especially after being let down in the worst way. How was she ready to leave the home and family she’d known for over a year to come live with people she did not know? How could she be that brave at 2 1/2?

She wanted a mommy and a daddy. And so she willingly took us in. It might seem like we took her in, but she took us in first. She loved us first. She accepted us perfectly first. She put her fears aside for us first. With reckless abandon, she claimed us first. And she has patiently and lovingly waited for us to catch up. Forgiving our failures quicker than we’ve forgiven hers at times.

Brittany has displayed a picture of the fruits of the spirit while we have struggled with our new normal. Gentleness, patience, self-control, love, peace, joy, faithfulness, goodness, kindness… She has displayed all of these things better than we have.

I hope that we’re worth it. I hope that we were worth her wait. I hope that we will be more than she dreamed a mommy and daddy could be, instead of less. We’re catching up with her, by the way. But she definitely paved the way.

10 thoughts on “She wanted a mommy and daddy

  1. Beautiful! The words. The story. The picture of love. And those dimples!!! Good grief! Isn’t this just a perfect example of how Jesus paved the way for us to God. Child like faith… i hate that we lose that when we grow up and get too smart for our britches. Thank you for sharing your heart, Jenny. I love you!


  2. I’m reading this through tears. Mimi had told me the same thing about Brittany. Tonight, I had her for a couple of hours. We were sitting in 2 separate recliners (I have no sofa) watching videos and having a snack. She got a blanket, pillow, and the little stuffed Halloween cat I have, and crawled into my lap. I love this little girl. I’m getting more
    healing from her than she is getting from me, and I stand amazed.
    I crave the presence of all 6 of my grandkids that live nearby. I know they are busy and have their own lives, but God brings healing, physically and emotionally to me through them. Granny


  3. What a sweet, tender picture of love. Innocent. Pure. Precious! Thanks for sharing her sweet testimony of unconditional love. So glad you all found one another. Now, excuse me while I go find a tissue.


  4. Oh my goodness, God is so good, I read through tears – seeing God, thanks for sharing! May I be more like this sweet, precious child.


  5. Beautiful Jenny, love reading this story. The 6 of you are so lucky to have each other to love and to be loved by each other. Isn’t it amazing that when we open our hearts, God reaches in and give us more love to give and to receive…his own version of open-heart surgery…sometimes painful, but oh so worth it and healing to the very core of our being!


  6. I cant help but cry and laugh as I read this whole blot…..Mimi said u had asked if it was too hard for us. We r just so happy the girls found a mommy and a daddy. Its best for them and its all God’s perfect plan.


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