Belly dance

As of last week I am now taking a ten week (twice a week) belly dancing class. How about that? And you know what? It’s fun and it’s actually really hard. And I suspect that after about 30 hours of belly dance instruction, I should totally be able to preform all over the world. But I’m pretty sure that the only people who will ever actually see me belly dance are the other 6 ladies in my class. And maybe Jackson and Mikey because I have to come home and teach them some of what I learned. I need to make sure I give them plenty to talk about in therapy when they’re grown.

This picture is actually a picture of a prenatal belly dancing class, not the actual class that I’m in. But it’s the first one I saw on google images so there you go.

2 thoughts on “Belly dance

  1. Look at all those cute, skinny pregnant ladies. They’re still skinny I guess since they’re dancing and all. Bet they were all right back in their skinny jeans by six weeks postpartum. Hmph.


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