Hard questions.

This is the conversation Mikey and I had this morning on the way to my mom’s. Or at least, it’s my best recollection of the conversation Mikey and I had this morning on the way to drop him off with my mom. Mikey has been told that he’s adopted, but we’ve never really gone any deeper than that. I wasn’t expecting some of these questions for a while. He totally caught me off guard.

Mikey: Where was I before I was born? Was I in Heaven?
Jenny: No, you weren’t in Heaven. You just weren’t in this world yet. You weren’t anywhere.
M: How did I get to you? Did somebody bring me to you?
J: awkward pause…(The stork, Santa Clause, God…??) Yes, a man named Brandon brought you to our house.
M: He just brings lots of babies to their homes?
J: Yeah, kind of. He brings babies who don’t have a safe home to a safe home.
M: Did he get me out of a cage?
J: What? No!
M: Does he have babies in cages at his home and he takes them to another home?
J: No! You were not in a cage…. (Crap!! How do I deal with this??) You were born in a hospital just like every baby and then he brought you to our house.
M: How was I born?
J: (Dear Lord…) Do you remember when Brady was growing in Aunt Ashley’s tummy and her tummy got big?
M: Yes
J: Well, you grew big in another mommy’s tummy. You didn’t grow in my tummy. You were born and then Brandon brought you to our house.
M: Why did he bring me to you?
J: Well, that mommy didn’t know how to take care of babies so she let you go to a new mommy and daddy so you could be safe. You came to us and we adopted you.
M: Her tummy was scary?
J: (Well, yes but…) No, her tummy wasn’t scary. She just didn’t know how to take care of you and she knew that we did. She wanted you to be safe.
M: And you saw me and you loved me?
J: Yes.
M: Forever?
J: Absolutely. Forever.
M: Did Brandon bring Jackson to your house?
J: No, Jackson grew in my tummy. My tummy got big big big and he was born at the hospital and we brought him home.
(Here we went through SEVERAL members of our family and talked about how all of them were born in the hospital and their mommy’s brought them home.)
J: Did Brittany and Katie grow in my tummy?
M: No. Did they grow in Mimi and Poppa’s tummy? (The previous foster parents)
J: (trying not to laugh) No, they grew in the same mommy’s tummy that you grew in! That’s why they came to live with us. Because they’re your sisters!
M: Oh, they’re my sisters. I want some juice. Can I get some juice, please?

5 thoughts on “Hard questions.

  1. Only Mikey, what a great kid with a mind that doesn’t stop! You did great, just enough info for him to process all of it — bet you were glad when he wanted juice! Whew!


  2. I think the Bible says that before we were born, our souls were in Heaven, and God knew us. Ask Donald about that.

    When Mikey got here today, he asked me if I grew in my mommy’s tummy, and if she grew in her mommy’s tummy, and if my daddy grew in his mommy’s tummy. Then he said he was ready for some pancakes.


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