Just a few random quotes from Christmas day.

I hoped to gather more, but we were busy and I’m not feeling great. Not on my game, I guess. But here are a few funny quotes from today. And yes, most of them are my own quotes.

Jackson: “Santa fixed our Wii!!!”…. Mikey: “Yeah, but wook at my Christmas toothpaste!”
“I’m not gonna screw with the umbrella.” – Jenny
“It’s to carry toys or pumpkins or whatever you want to carry!” – Mikey regarding his wheelbarrow
“You don’t shoot people you’re mad at.” – Donald
“I shoot your baby, Britt.” – Mikey
“Don’t shoot my baby.” – Brittany
“Mommy is the boss of pictures, not Mikey.” – Jenny
“I’m sorry. Just buy a bunch of books about porn. I don’t know what to tell ya.” – Jenny to Phillip regarding the fact that since we are sharing a Kindle account, he’s getting all these recommendations on Amish Inspirational Literature. 🙂

Last Christmas.

Last year we got two little girls for Christmas. And we’ve spent the better part of this year trying to figure out what to do with them. I think it’s safe to say that the 6 of us in this house are changed people from where we were a year ago. We still have lots of changing and growing to do, but we have come a long way. I wasn’t able to post this last year because we weren’t allowed to show the girls’ faces online. But here is a link to a slideshow of our first Christmas Eve and Christmas morning as a family of 6!

Hintze Family – Christmas 2010


Maybe if I can keep my office clean, I’ll feel less crazy. Maybe if I can stick to some sort of meal planning type thing. Maybe then. Maybe if I could just get a higher desk chair. Maybe if my dog would quick sleeping on the Christmas tree skirt, I’d feel less crazy. Maybe if they would just stop telling me they used soap when I know good and well they didn’t. Maybe. Maybe if someone would just fix that God forsaken darn drippy faucet. Maybe then. Maybe if I had a better vacuum cleaner. Maybe if Mikey didn’t get pee on his sheets every stinking morning of his life…maybe then I’d feel less crazy. Maybe if…

Maybe I just need to loosen up. Somehow.

Maybe I just need to take more time to breathe in the splendor that is my life.

Maybe then I’d feel less crazy.


Moooo! I is a cow.

Monday and Tuesday Brittany dressed as a cow for her preschool Christmas program. Most of these pictures are from Monday. While we waited for the cow to come on stage and sing, the little one sat fairly nicely and waited…

I didn’t have a very good view of Brittany and didn’t get many pictures. Plus, I had the little one in my lap.

And then we sat and had some cookies. I assure you, her hair looked much cuter when we left the house.

I had a better seat on Tuesday, but didn’t get many pictures at all. I had Mikey with me and I had to keep him from melting a few times. He has issues with lovely, soft music. And he kept having to tell me what Brittany was doing or not doing on stage. But once we got home, I took a few pictures of Brittany in front of the tree. She’s pretty cute. Her expression in the middle one is pretty funny.

Let’s see here…

How do we do this? How do we take pictures of our family of 6, plus Phillip’s brother and his family, and Phillip’s parents? How do we do it in my house with my stuff?

Here’s the setup. Two alien bees, one with an umbrella and one shooting through a big diffuser thing. My 30D on a tripod hooked up with a remote release. For some reason this remote release won’t work with my 5D. Crappy iphone pics…

Then we have the practice… Yes, I took these of myself. Yes, they’re awesome.

Then we have the real deal. So did we do it? Did we get a good family picture of all of us? I had to swap a couple of heads in Photoshop, but we got it!

We also got these winners. I know these will make the folks proud. I think we all should be pretty proud.

I didn’t use the remote release on these. Debbie took these.

And my favorite…

And then I got a few individuals of the kids. It was mostly successful.

This bow looks better!

But not completely successful.

I also tried to get a few of my four kids together. Also, not really successful, but pretty funny.

So there you have it. All of the foolishness, all of the setup…all worth it.