Let’s see here…

How do we do this? How do we take pictures of our family of 6, plus Phillip’s brother and his family, and Phillip’s parents? How do we do it in my house with my stuff?

Here’s the setup. Two alien bees, one with an umbrella and one shooting through a big diffuser thing. My 30D on a tripod hooked up with a remote release. For some reason this remote release won’t work with my 5D. Crappy iphone pics…

Then we have the practice… Yes, I took these of myself. Yes, they’re awesome.

Then we have the real deal. So did we do it? Did we get a good family picture of all of us? I had to swap a couple of heads in Photoshop, but we got it!

We also got these winners. I know these will make the folks proud. I think we all should be pretty proud.

I didn’t use the remote release on these. Debbie took these.

And my favorite…

And then I got a few individuals of the kids. It was mostly successful.

This bow looks better!

But not completely successful.

I also tried to get a few of my four kids together. Also, not really successful, but pretty funny.

So there you have it. All of the foolishness, all of the setup…all worth it.

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