Moooo! I is a cow.

Monday and Tuesday Brittany dressed as a cow for her preschool Christmas program. Most of these pictures are from Monday. While we waited for the cow to come on stage and sing, the little one sat fairly nicely and waited…

I didn’t have a very good view of Brittany and didn’t get many pictures. Plus, I had the little one in my lap.

And then we sat and had some cookies. I assure you, her hair looked much cuter when we left the house.

I had a better seat on Tuesday, but didn’t get many pictures at all. I had Mikey with me and I had to keep him from melting a few times. He has issues with lovely, soft music. And he kept having to tell me what Brittany was doing or not doing on stage. But once we got home, I took a few pictures of Brittany in front of the tree. She’s pretty cute. Her expression in the middle one is pretty funny.

3 thoughts on “Moooo! I is a cow.

  1. That girl is a blessing!!!! She is gorgeous and did a great job! Did she not like the cow headband? I never saw her wear it now that I think back. 🙂


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