Just a few random quotes from Christmas day.

I hoped to gather more, but we were busy and I’m not feeling great. Not on my game, I guess. But here are a few funny quotes from today. And yes, most of them are my own quotes.

Jackson: “Santa fixed our Wii!!!”…. Mikey: “Yeah, but wook at my Christmas toothpaste!”
“I’m not gonna screw with the umbrella.” – Jenny
“It’s to carry toys or pumpkins or whatever you want to carry!” – Mikey regarding his wheelbarrow
“You don’t shoot people you’re mad at.” – Donald
“I shoot your baby, Britt.” – Mikey
“Don’t shoot my baby.” – Brittany
“Mommy is the boss of pictures, not Mikey.” – Jenny
“I’m sorry. Just buy a bunch of books about porn. I don’t know what to tell ya.” – Jenny to Phillip regarding the fact that since we are sharing a Kindle account, he’s getting all these recommendations on Amish Inspirational Literature. 🙂

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