My girl

A little girl at the park. A girl with dimples and yellow hair. A girl who wants to wear more jewelry than I would ever wear. A girl who would paint her world pink if she could. A girl who’s grown and changed a lot in the past year. A girl who loves. A little girl. My little girl.

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Will I?

Will I eventually post Christmas photos?
Will I post some of the cutest pictures ever of Britt playing with the dollhouse?
Will I post some precious pictures of Phillip and the kids playing outside?
Will I post Mikey and Katie birthday pictures?
Will I?
Who knows.
I will try.
We’re so busy living life that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to blog about it.


Five years ago today, and I don’t even know the time without getting out his file, our son was born. Phillip didn’t rush me to the hospital. Our family didn’t pace the halls. I didn’t feel the pain of his birth. We didn’t hear his first cry. On January 9th, 2007 we were probably just minding our own business as a family of three. We spent the previous year trying to pick ourselves up after 4 failed pregnancies in a row. I was desperate for another baby. Absolutely desperate.

And I didn’t know when my son was born 5 years ago. I can’t help but mourn a little over those two days that he was in this world without me, but I’m beyond grateful that it was only two days. And that in that two days, he was in the care of capable hands. His sisters unfortunately weren’t so lucky.

I mean for this to be a happy post. I really do. But on this day 5 years ago, my heart was still very broken. On this day 5 years ago, our son’s future was undecided. At least in the eyes of men.

But today, my heart is full. It is no longer broken. And Mikey’s future is right here. Right where he was always meant to be. He’s amazing. He’s thriving. He’s pure joy. He’s loved by so many. And today he’s FIVE!

Dear Mikey,

If I could put how much I love you in a piece of candy, it would be the yummiest candy ever. If I could put how much I love you into one big hug, I just might squeeze your guts out. If I could put how much I love you in a box and mail it to you, the box would be too big to fit in the UPS truck. You completely stole my heart when I met you. But you already know that, don’t you?

Looking back.

I wrote this five years ago. I wrote this 9 days before Mikey was brought to our house. Sometimes it’s cool to look back. That’s why I blog.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Ups and Downs
We thought we were getting a baby girl today. Then a couple of hours later we found out that we weren’t after all. Somehow the powers that be didn’t realize that the baby we were going to get has a brother. And they want to place the kids together. The boy is 6 months old and the girl is under two years old. I thought it was a “done deal.” I even told Jackson that today was the day. So, needless to say, we’re very disappointed. When she told me about the brother, I asked if we could take them both. She said she wasn’t sure but would check into it. I’m not counting on it of course. I’m beginning to think we’ve made a big mistake trying to adopt domestically. I’m trying not to wallow in my own little pity party, but I’m really getting sick of being jerked around. I think at this point if we could turn back time, we would not have looked into adoption at all. We would have just accepted that maybe we’re not meant to have anymore kids. Anyway, maybe tomorrow will bring better news.

The misadventures of Perry the Elf

This was the first year of the “Elf on the shelf” tradition in our house. We started it right after Thanksgiving, which is a little too early in the year. Perry didn’t always remember to “fly back to the North Pole” every night and “reappear in the morning. He managed to get into some trouble at our house, such as making out with Tinkerbell, getting eating by a dinosaur, wrapping the Christmas tree, getting into the flour and syrup, and spending three days on Uranus. He also ended up getting his feelings hurt by Mikey. Mikey wrote him an apology letter and they quickly made up. It’ll be fun next holiday season to see where he ends up.