The mom chart

So either it’s because I’m feeling extra guilty about things left undone with my kids or it’s because I’ve really got SO MUCH other work to do that I’m feeling overwhelmed and don’t want to deal with it…

Either way, I thought up this chart in the bathtub this evening and I’m going to give it a whirl. I’ve made sticker charts to hold my kids accountable before and we didn’t stick with it for very long. But I’ve never made a chart for my kids to hold me accountable. And honestly, I’m a little skeered. It may seem to some that this chart is just sad. A chart to make yourself spend 30 minutes a day with each child? You don’t do that already?? No, I’m afraid I don’t. Not undivided. Not without trying to sneak off to eat or edit photos or text somebody or clean up something gross or get on facebook. There are days that I don’t spend much time with them individually at all.

There are days that I go to bed thinking, “Did I even hold Katie today other than just to carry her out to the car 50 times?” “Did I sit with Brittany for even five minutes and read to her?” “Did I do anything with Mikey today other than just bark at him?” “Other than homeschool, did I listen to anything Jackson had to say today at all?” Did I? I lay awake at night thinking about these things. I say that I will do better the next day and I don’t. And I just think that I need to do better. My kids deserve better.

So, starting tomorrow, my kids are going to be in charge of helping me step it up a few notches. I’m not sure at this moment if this chart is too ambitious or not ambitious enough. But I feel like I need to start somewhere. Thoughts? I’d love to hear them. If you click on it, I think you can see it better.

5 thoughts on “The mom chart

  1. I like this idea and it’s not sad, it’s wonderful that you are thinking of it. Sometimes we all are just trying to make sure are kids are healthy and happy and we are just striving to get through the day…..we have to make ourselves actively think about spending quality, undivided attention with our children, our spouses, even ourselves. It’s tough, but worth it. Good luck with this!


  2. I like the intentionality of it. My foggy early morning brain can think of several half verses about thing not succeeding for lack of planning but I can’t figure out the reference right now….. The last 3 are my favorite!


  3. And the sense of accomplishment and peace you will feel when it is filled with stickers and big fat YESES is wonderful — and I have no doubt it’s going to be filled routinely until you don’t even need the chart anymore! You’re creating a new habit.


  4. I do like the idea, but that is 2 hours + your work, and time for you to be alone is important, that just seems like a huge chunk of time to me between laundry, dinner, driving here and there. I admire you for the plan – I’m trying to come up with the saying that should be engraved on my head-direction not intention….what is that? Anyway, you are awesome and courageous to put this in writing – I think we all know this in our heads but achieving it, I fall short maybe I need a chart! Reagan would NAIL ME. Oh I need to do better and mine is 1, 30 minutes. Thanks for the reminder.


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