Britt turned FOUR!!…like three weeks ago.

We (I) decided we were going to have a princess tea party. The whole thing was a bit more involved than I really anticipated. Basically, I bit off more than I could chew. But for the most part, it went well. Britt felt loved and special and the little girls at the party had fun. Here’s her invite. Certain areas are blurred out because I don’t want weirdos at my house…again. jk

And here are a few of my favorites from the day.

The spread…

My friend let us borrow some super cute tea cups. (Which I still need to return, btw.)

The birthday girl!

being shy.

Getting some help from a friend.

The cake! Made my friend, Jennifer Fort. Cute cute cute.

We had the BEST storyteller. Little boys would never sit like this. No way. That’s why they weren’t invited.

So ladylike with her hands in her crotch and her tattoo. What can I say? She’s mine.

I wuff my “Cumpunzel doll!”

I wuff my pwincess bike!

There are lots more cute photos. I may do a larger picture post with photos of her friends on my business blog in the next couple of weeks. It was a fun day. Happy Birthday to our big four year old girl!!

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