Other things and first days of school ramblings.

I said on facebook I was going to blog on Tuesday. I lied.

We went to Josh and Ashley’s a few weeks ago. Ashley and I took the little kids to a local splash pad while Phillip, Josh, and Jackson played video games. Mikey got mad because some other kids were making fun of his painted fingernails.

And Katie pretty much whined and cried about 65% of the time we were there, but that’s just how she rolls. Brittany followed Mikey like a shadow and Brady just ran around crazy while his mom chased him. I know I posted this photo of Britt in my last post, but I can post it again. It’s my blog.

Earlier in the summer, I got some new photography equipment. I have every intention of playing around with the stuff more, but my time is somewhat limited. But here are a few photos that I’ve taken with some of my new stuff. If it’s watermarked it’s because it’s a client photo.

15 mm fisheye…

15mm fisheye in Cambodia…

Lensbaby composer with LOTS of lensbaby stuff. This is the stuff I really need to take like a week long hiatus from my life and learn how to use properly.

I also purchased another flash and a wireless trigger thingy for it. Which allowed me to get this shot on the left, which I really like.

I want to and intend to EVENTUALLY do a Singapore/Cambodia post. Andrea, I promise, I intend to! But until then, here are a few of my favorites that I’ve messed with so far. I still have two days of Cambodia pictures to edit in lightroom and two or three more Singapore days to go through. Life is busy.

In other news, I’ve decided to start dressing like a girl more often. Or a grownup girl or whatever. Anyway, I’ve significantly improved upon my wardrobe and am trying to be more colorful and creative. Phillip and I area also trying to get in better shape. I’m (sort of) running. He’s walking and burning way more calories than I am. And we’re eating better. I want a ripped up six pack. Is that too much to ask? I think not.

Oh yes…and the kids all started their first days of their respective schools.

Jack is homeschooling again for 5th grade.

Mikey is in kindergarten.

Both boys have gotten haircuts since these photos were taken.

Brittany is in Pre-K ever afternoon as well as two mornings a week at our beloved preschool.

Katie is also going with Britt those two mornings a week. She’s doing great and is pretty much totally potty trained! Woo hoo!

And the only sad thing about being back in school is that this man isn’t with me all day. I’m crazy about him. Just you know, fyi.

So anyway, that’s sort of the low down of what’s been going on around here. Maybe in a few days I’ll tell you all the ways I *didn’t* screw up on all of the back to school type requirements. Maybe a Not Me Monday is in order, but I’m not promising anything.

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