Movie night.

Took the kids to a movie night at a local church. Had I not been on my current “veganish” diet, I would have eaten a hot dog with chili and cheese, chips, popcorn, and maybe some candy. But instead, I ate some homemade vegetable soup. And now, even though it’s kind of late, I’m having a natural peanut butter and jelly sandwich on Ezekiel sesame bread, with apples and a glass of almond milk. Eating guilt free feels pretty good…except for the gas.


My three oldest kids, our next door neighbor kid, Jack’s friend, and I went to this church to see The Lorax. It’s a pretty cute movie. The kids enjoyed the movie and the food. Mikey ate two hot dogs, and probably would have eaten another one. He told me he was “starving for death.”

Unrelated…we’re having a couple of doors put in our “formal living” room. The guys will also be painting and installing a track light and changing out my awful ceiling fan. The work started today. This room will be my office once it’s done. I’ll start meeting with clients here for pre-consults and proofing/ordering. I think the room is going to look awesome when it’s done. I’m very excited about it. This is a big step for my business. I’ll definitely post pictures in the next few days as it starts coming together.

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