Almost four weeks vegan(ish)

So I’m almost to the four week point. I started this adventure the evening of Sunday, October 7th. I’ve made a few mistakes. I’ve bought a few things accidentally that contained dairy or eggs. I licked my fingers once after cutting up sausage for my kids. But I have not intentionally eaten meat/eggs/dairy for almost four weeks!

A few people have asked how I feel. I feel good. I’ve had a nasty cold for the last two weeks so it’s hard for me to tell if I have more energy or not. I’ve been extra tired from this bug. But my stomach issues have almost disappeared. Without getting into details, I’ve had IBS for about ten years or more, ever since Jackson’s birth. It doesn’t take much to send me literally run hobbling to the bathroom. I have had about two bad bathroom instances in the last four weeks, which is WAY less than my normal. If that’s TMI, I’m sorry, but I’m excited about this problem leaving my life.

Also, as of today, I’ve lost about ten pounds! I’ve been working out less, eating more, eating later, snacking more…and still losing weight. I’m not counting calories. I’m not really even eating in moderation. It’s just that everything I’m eating is naturally low calorie and pretty darn healthy. I’ve even been enjoying ice cream again, which I haven’t done in years due to being lactose intolerant. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to buy soy ice cream before now, but it’s great and I’m enjoying treating myself. If I do decide to give up on this diet, I’ll have to use much more restraint or I’ll gain lots of weight very quickly, mostly because I’m eating so much more often. And really I’m eating more often not because I’m hungry. I’m just eating more often because I can. I have not felt hungry or deprived much at all since I’ve been doing this.

So in the last four weeks, I’ve…
– made homemade hummus twice
– cut up and cooked all of a real pumpkin, including the seeds, which I didn’t like
– made a vegan “meatloaf” that I really enjoyed. Phillip was not a fan though.
– cooked lots of tofu! Some I liked and some I didn’t
– made homemade butternut squash from a real live butternut squash
– made gluten free/dairy free/meat free pizza that was really good
– eaten Seiten, which is known as “wheat meat” and I wasn’t a fan
– eaten more black beans than I probably have in the rest of my life

And just tonight, I made this and it was so good! The sauce is so amazing!

So, almost four weeks down and I have no plans on turning back any time soon. Food prep has definitely been more complicated and grocery trips have been more expensive as I buy new staple items. But I think we’ll find our groove and make this work for me and our family. As of now, Phillip and the kids are still eating animal protiens. Phillip has cut back a lot on meat and just calories in general. That man has lost 27 pounds in 3 months! I’m so proud of him!

One thought on “Almost four weeks vegan(ish)

  1. Good Luck with it! It sounds like you are going so well! I have been researching making the same changes and there is so much out there on the internet recipes, products, resources etc….I think its very hard as eating meat is a culturally and socially ingrained practice around the world but there are some really yummy and much healthier alterntives to many of the foods we eat so I guess taking it one day at a time is the trick!


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