I don’t know where to begin or why I think anyone would even care what I have to say about it. Sad, hopeless, worried, ashamed, fearful…those are just a few words in my head this morning in the wake of the re-election of Mr. Obama. And as much as I would really like to blame the Democrats, or the Republicans for not pulling it out, I feel shame in myself.

I sat last night, as it was called, and just thought, “I’m not even that surprised. We are not a Christian nation.” But then those thoughts led to, “Are we even a Christian home??” Are we really? Maybe in our good moments, but more often than not, we are a selfish, indulgent, Godless home. And I am chief.

If I profess to be a follower of Jesus, and my life looks as unchanged and secular as it does, then how can I expect anything else from the Church or our Nation? It’s absurd.

Right now I don’t feel much of anything except fear and sadness. I believe God is removing His hand from our nation. I believe he’s given us the will to turn away from Him and we have in a big way for a long time. And along the same lines, I believe that our family has also been very busy about living this life without the image of Jesus. And for that, I’m ashamed. And I think if many of my brothers and sisters in Christ truly look at their lives and their families, they can say the same.

We are not a Christian nation. Our President reflects that. And all I know is that I have some heavy soul searching and praying to do.

4 thoughts on “Well…

  1. Oh my goodness, Jenny!! I have been thinking almost the exact same things. I know I will be increasing my prayer time. I hope God won’t turn away. We need Him more Ryan ever!


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